About Us

John Andre has been a professional outdoorsman for over 30 years, having owned and operated highly successful hunting camps in the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan, Canada, and in the state of Montana. He has also helped tens of thousands of sportsmen, through his booking agency, Shoshone Wilderness Adventures, enjoy quality outdoor adventures. He has built and enjoyed campfires on five different continents, heated his home in Wyoming with wood for many years, and has watched hundreds of clients and guides struggle to build a campfire quickly.  John and his wife (and partner), Anita Andre, camp almost every weekend of the summer, fishing the myriad waters of the state of Montana, and enjoy the warmth and serenity a campfire brings to all.

Our firestarter has been in development for over 20 years, and will start your fire quickly, easily, and inexpensively. It will make your time spent outdoors by a campfire, or indoors by your fireplace or woodstove, that much more safe, clean, and enjoyable.