Busting Out Decorative Tin
(2 gallons ignites 128 fires)

Busting Out Decorative Tin
Busting Out Decorative Tin
Busting Out Decorative Tin
Busting Out Decorative Tin
Busting Out Decorative Tin

Montana Campfire Product Details


  • Firestarter that is great for fireplaces, firepits, barbecues, campfires, charcoal, wood stoves, and more!!
  • Start up to 128 fires with this quick and easy fire starter in just seconds
  • Easy lighting in wet or windy weather
  • Looks great on your fireplace hearth or next to the wood stove!
  • Made under the Big Sky Montana


Contains two gallons of LIGHTNIN'FLAME Firestarter, enough to ignite up to 128 fires. Looks great on your fireplace hearth, or next to your woodstove. Measuring cup included. Eliminate that messy stack of newspapers, and start your fire quickly, safely and more reliably. 100% organic and food safe. Recommended by professional chimney sweeps to help keep your chimney cleaner, longer.

What our customers say?

LIGHTNIN'FLAME Fire Starter is superior to any fire starter on the market today. I have used it in many situations, including cold and wet conditions, and it never fails. It is lightweight, incredibly reliable, and ideal for anywhere you need to build a fire, including survival scenarios. It is the only product I would fully trust under any circumstance.

Dr. Robert Hart, Hamilton Montana, Veteran and Wilderness Adventure Enthusiast

Why our firestarter?

Our all-natural fire starter is made of wood shavings and 100% natural organic material and is designed to be used indoors or outdoors. Simply sprinkle a small amount of firestarter onto your kindling, touch a match to it, and add your larger firewood. You will have a roaring fire in less than a minute. Once you've used this firestarter, you will never bother with newspapers and mess again. They add no taste or odor to your food and can be used for grills, campfires, wood stoves, and fireplaces both indoors and outdoors!

Food Safe

Non-toxic and environmentally safe, made of wood shavings. Never worry about your food tasting like chemicals or your fire putting off a bad odor. The burn has virtually no smell and will not put harmful toxins in your food.

Many Uses

Our firestart can start your fire in any wet and windy conditions and can be used to start a flame in outdoor grills, indoor stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, campfires, BBQ grills, smokers, wood stoves, and much more.

Made under the Big Sky Montana

We make our firestarters right here under the Big Sky, in home, Montana. We are campers, RVers, backpackers, and professional outdoorsmen. We pride ourselves in making our product organic and 100% natural right here in our home state.

Your satisfaction matters!

We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we will exchange it, replace it, or refund your money witin 30 days of purchase. Simply email us the problem, and we got you!